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Introducing the artist: Patrizio Landolfi by Caterina Pacenti

12-04-2021 15:20

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Introducing the artist: Patrizio Landolfi by Caterina Pacenti

Patrizio Landolfi. Vibrant painting of energy and enthusiasm for color.







Patrizio Landolfi. Vibrant painting of energy and enthusiasm for color. Observing the works of Patrizio, viewers are dragged by a vortex of fragments, colors and energy; and it is there, in the single fragment, that one finds with strength all the power of the work in its entirety. Every portion, every single centimeter can be observed either in its infinitely and imperceptibly small parts and in its infinitely magnificent, as if suddenly the thin wire which holds the parts together would dissolve and the energy within the work, led the fragments like meteors into space, as atoms in the universe. The fragmentation is therefore not only of the figures, of the shadows or of what has remained of these, but it is the summary, the instability and the susceptibility of everything existing on our planet and in the universe. Each fragment is together the moment that concludes a life and the moment in which it originates, is instinct and reason.


The figures that emerge, the energy and dynamism of the whole are the unique result of the hand of man that fragments and breaks lines, colors, tones, which from time to time make the eye of the observer linger, almost enchanted, ends up looking at the work tirelessly, looking for a shape, a trace, a figure, mainly looking for an emotion, a feeling. There is no background and there is no image but only figures and geometries that are created and destroyed by the material itself.
Smooth surfaces and opaque surfaces create plays of lights and textures and build shapes, profiles and silhouettes themselves. Patrizio freely plays with colors, with whites and blacks to exalt them, to make the latter protagonists of some of his works; where white becomes the bearer of a dazzling light that reveals and hides the brightest and brightest shades, and the black becomes magma that drags the fire with it in its red, orange and yellow and runs on the canvas where one part now cold solidifies while the other, still incandescent, shiny and bright, flowing through it.
True explosions of colors, pyrotechnic effects light up his canvases, which speak of a world in which energy is everything and colors are the maximum expression. Patrizio’s works therefore occupy a greater space than the physical one, of their size, they require time and space to be conceived, understood, observed and admired; and while the light exalts the whole, the figures, the profiles seem to dance silent in the universe, in that dynamic vortex that creates and destroys, that composes and decomposes, that constitutes the part and the whole, that scares and fascinates in its deepest power and in the fragility of the bonds between the single molecules of everything existing. 
That of Patrizio is therefore a vibrant painting of energy and enthusiasm for color; the same enthusiasm that the artist revives in his works, investing them with the responsibility of expression and at the same time giving them a lightness and a freedom to be and to be interpreted. Caterina Pacenti