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14-04-2021 23:58

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Internationally renowned artist, he exhibited at the “Pall Mall” in London, the “Punshkinskay” of Saint Petersburg, the “Bhakti center” of New York, the “Mediol







Internationally renowned artist, he exhibited at the “Pall Mall” in London, the “Punshkinskay” of Saint Petersburg, the “Bhakti center” of New York, the “Mediolanum” in Padua (Italy) in front of members of the Venice and New York’s Guggenheim, in the "Magazzini del Sale" the prestigious home of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice available during the 2017 Venice Biennale as location outside the biennial, as there were only three Italian artists in the biennial.Patrizio Landolfi has been among 20 Italian artists chosen to present a greater variety of Italian art. In "Palazzo Medici Riccardi” in Florence where his dear friend and musician Nair has interpreted several pieces from her repertoire cheering everyone present at the inauguration with her wonderful voice. For the occasion the president of the council of the Tuscany region dr. Eugenio Giani has presented the event, starting from the renaissance of which he is a great admirer, up to nowadays with Landolfi’s exhibition, dispelling the myth that Florence is mainly linked to its past history only.


Self-taught artist, trained with passion, independently, he has been dealing with art since the early 80s, also opening a gallery in Prato (Tuscany). Following artistic paths since the renaissance, he begins his experimental research in 2004, Inspired by the great themes of Alberto Burri, De Kooning, Emilio Vedova, and other great artists. Abstractionism is the current wave that fascinates him the most, freedom of expression and the chance to travel without limits of time and space led him to cross the borders of the finite, fragmenting the canvas and then the work, creating different levels where, layer by layer, mosaics appear with different colors, in a single fragment too. The fragments are crossed by channels that make the work close to three-dimensional. In addition to the immediate visual impact, there is a way to discover the truth behind what may appear from time to time looking at the same work. The magnifying glass allows you to understand and see the details better.

Originally from Campania region, after having toured Italy extensively, he settled in the Chianti hills (Tuscany) between Florence and Siena, in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, has his own painting studio. Many tourists who come to admire the beauties of Tuscany passing through Tavarnelle, stop to visit his studio. His works are scattered around the globe, from Kuala Lampur to London, from New Jersey to Canada, etc. The Butterfield family of which the famous Stewart has invented the app Flickr, and lately the Slack, also has passed by his studio recently and bought a beautiful David Bowie portrait and other work.